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18 October 2018Ely Cathedral - Stained Glass museum & tour
11 July 2018Windsor Castle - restoring Windsor after the fire
24 May 2018King Richard 3rd Visitor centre
11 April 2018Tours - Dublin
09 June 2017Art trip to the Netherlands - organisers - Clare & Barry Arends
12 October 2016Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery
14 June 2016am. Peterborough Cathedral pm. Elton Hall & Gardens

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Ely Cathedral - Stained Glass museum & tour
Thursday 18 October 2018

£34pp. including coach, tea/coffee on arrival

Visit the Stained Glass Museum in Ely Cathedral. This visit will include a lecture on the history of Stained Glass and a tour of the cathedral

Tickets on sale at the September and October lectures

Unfortunately this outing has been cancelled by Ely Cathedral because of urgent building works.

We hope to do this outing again in 2019