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25 September 2019Ely Cathedral with an optional visit to the Stained Glass Museum
18 October 2018Ely Cathedral - Stained Glass museum & tour
11 July 2018Windsor Castle - restoring Windsor after the fire
24 May 2018King Richard 3rd Visitor centre
11 April 2018Tours - Dublin
09 June 2017Art trip to the Netherlands - organisers - Clare & Barry Arends
12 October 2016Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery

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Ely Cathedral with an optional visit to the Stained Glass Museum
Wednesday 25 September 2019

This visit to Ely Cathedral is to replace the earlier cancelled visit in October 2018.

£30 per person, to include coach, tea/coffee on arrival, and admission.

This visit will include a guided tour of the cathedral, the monastic grounds, and Prior Crauden’s Chapel.

There will in addition be the option of a visit to the Stained Glass Museum, which is situated in an upper level of the Cathedral. Access is by staircase only; there are 40 reasonably easy steps to negotiate. Depending on the numbers interested, there is the possibility of a guided tour of the museum.

The tour will leave from Hitchin at 09.00 and Letchworth Station at 0915, with a planned return by 18.00 (6 p.m.) The return journey will leave Ely at 16.00 (4 p.m.) and there will be ample time after the tour of the cathedral to explore the town. Oliver Cromwell’s house is some 200 metres from the cathedral; it is open for visits. Ely itself is a pleasant small town to stroll around, with some interesting independent shops. Lunch is not included in the arrangements; there is a range of restaurants and cafes in the town, and a café in the cathedral, together with a charming restaurant in the cathedral grounds.

Tickets on sale at the July, August and September lectures.

As always the visit is conditional upon sufficient interest being shown.