We are a group of dedicated volunteers who assist with the care, conservation and recording of collections in order to preserve our local heritage.

HERITAGE VOLUNTEERS - volunteer organiser - Valerie Pennifer

We have two projects.

Letchworth Garden City Heritage Foundation Garden City Collection

Seven Heritage Volunteers work at the Collection and to date 10,000 plans have been cleaned, labelled and located, and 2,000 historic leases cleaned and numbered. A new Project for 2018 is to move 30,000 social history items into a new Social History Collection. This year our volunteers were short-listed for the Collection Champions’ Award of the Arts Council. All of us receive a great deal of enjoyment working for the museum; one does not have to be experienced to volunteer as training and help is always on hand.

British Schools Museum

Our Volunteers have been working at the British Schools Museum for almost twenty five years and have done amazing work from guiding, making Victorian costumes, restoring books from the Jill Grey Collection, and using their wonderful needlework/embroidery skills in quilting. We presently have seven Quilters attending every Tuesday morning who have produced truly amazing work. Their WWI Commemorative Quilt will be put on display at the WW1 Exhibition at British Schools in 2018. We have also made donations from Area Funds to the Museum which has enabled them to conserve samplers, purchase display cabinets and also purchase materials for costumes.