01 November 2018Owen & his contemporaries ( the 100th anniversary of the 1st World War) - Denis Moriarty

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Owen & his contemporaries ( the 100th anniversary of the 1st World War) - Denis Moriarty
Thursday 01 November 2018


Elgar- Spirit of England  -  For the Fallen

           Piano Quintet   slow movement

           String Quartet  slow movement-

           Nimrod - from  Enigma Variations

Soldiers Songs   The Sergeant Major's havin' a time   Private Peaceful cllection

                            When this lousy war is over

                            And when they ask us how dangerous it was

Benjamin Britten   War Requiem - Libera Me-Dies Irae-  with Owen poem - On moving a piece of heavy artillery 

                                                       Agnus Dei-                         Owen poem - At a Calvary near the Ancre

                                                       Lachrymosa-                      Owen poem -  Futility

George Butterwoth  The lads in their hundreds    setting of A E Housman poem

Ivor Gurney     Severn Meadows-  setting of his own words




Laurence Binyon  Spirit of England- For the Fallen

Rupert Brooke      The Soldier

John McCrae        In Flanders Field

Wilfred Owen        The Last Laugh

                              The End

                              Anthem for Doomed Youth

                              On Moving a Piece of Artillery

                              At a Calvary near the Ancre


Isaac Rosenberg   The darkness crumbles away

A A Milne               Gold Braid

Siegfried Sassoon  The Redeemer

                                The General


Rudyard Kipling       My Boy Jack

The Reverend Studdert Kennedy  His Mate

A E Housman    The lads in their hundreds-    Shropshire Lad

Ivor Gurney     Severn Meadows


Other Poets cited-  Edmund Blunden  

                               Thomas Hardy  Channel Guns Firing,   Men Who March Away, A Call to National Service

                               Edward Thomas   Lights Out   Cock Crow

                               Julian Grenfell      Into Battle

                               Charles Hamilton Sorley  A Call to Action

                               David Jones    In Parenthesis

                               Robert Graves    Recalling War    Last Day of Leave


ARTISTS               Otto Dix

                               John Nash   Over the Top

                               Paul Nash    The Menin Road

                                                    Ruined Country

                                                    Wounded at Paschendale

                                                    We are makng a New World

                             CRW Nevinson Troops Resting

                             Sir William Orpen  Ready to Start    Douglas Haig

                             Wyndham Lewis  A Battery Shelled

                             Stanley SpencerPHOTOGRAPHS   Burghclere Memorial ; Trevoys arriving with the wounded

                             John Singer Sargent      Gassed

                              David Jones


PHOTOGRAPHS   Imperial War Museum- Archive collection