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02 May 2019Churchill - the Artist
07 March 2019Go with the Flow - Art Nouveau (c1890 - 1920)
07 February 2019American Realism in the 30s and 40s
06 December 2018Step into the Christmas Card
01 November 2018Poetry,Music and Art, Wilfred Owen and his Contemporaries, (the 100th. Anniversary of the End of World War 1)
04 October 2018The Paintings of Claude Lorraine
06 September 2018Beautiful,Beastly,Bizarre: the Art of Hieronymus Bosch
05 July 2018Lawrence of Arabia: Excavating a Legend
07 June 2018Berthe Morisot - Impressionist par Excellence
03 May 2018Sicilian Splendour: from Greece to the Normans
05 April 2018Three Great Families and their Gardens: a History of the Astors, the Rothschilds and the Sackville - Wests
01 March 2018From Wild Beasts to Pickled Sharks - 100 years of Modern Art explained with Scepticism and lots of Humour
01 February 2018Charles Rennie MacKintosh

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Churchill - the Artist Claire Walsh Thursday 02 May 2019

In 1915 Churchill was rescued from depression by the ‘muse of painting’. Painting was the mainstay that allowed one of our greatest national leaders to achieve all that he did. Churchill’s paintings record landscapes from the Riviera, to Blenheim, Chartwell and Marrakech. The most fascinating aspects of this exploration of a talent beyond the mere amateur is the role it played in his personal and political life, the restorative power of the process of painting, and the insight it allows us into the art of his age. Churchill took lessons from Lavery, Sickert and Nicholson, and the choices he made tell us much about the colour, texture and direction of art in the early-twentieth century. 

Due to the sickness of the speaker, the planned lecture ' Gold & Silverware of George IV ' on the 2nd May has had to be cancelled