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06 February 2020Lapis Lazuli:Pursuit of a Celestial Stone
05 December 2019The Twelve Days of Christmas
07 November 2019Goya's Painting the 3rd. of May 1808
03 October 2019That Woman or the Duchess of Style - Time to reassess Wallis Simpson
05 September 2019The life and painting of Samuel Lucas. AFTERNOON ONLY - No visitors
05 September 2019The Power of Jewellery: Adornment and ritual from prehistory to the present. MORNING ONLY - No visitors
08 August 2019The Dead Sea Scrolls in Context -an introduction to Palestine in the Time of Christ
04 July 2019Frank Thrower and Dartington Glass
06 June 2019Gustav Klimt: Imperial Muralist turned Radical Painter
02 May 2019Churchill - the Artist
07 March 2019Go with the Flow - Art Nouveau (c1890 - 1920)
07 February 2019American Realism in the 30s and 40s
06 December 2018Step into the Christmas Card
01 November 2018Poetry,Music and Art, Wilfred Owen and his Contemporaries, (the 100th. Anniversary of the End of World War 1)

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Lapis Lazuli:Pursuit of a Celestial Stone Sarah Searight Thursday 06 February 2020

This follows the travels of this precious stone from Afghanistan through burials in the ancient world, in wall paintings in medieval Byzantine churches, ending with early Renaissance Madonnas robed in ultramarine, ground as pigment from lapis lazull.