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07 May 2020Miniatures in the Wallace Collection
04 June 2020Bandstands: the History, Decline & Revival
02 July 2020Brangwyn's Stained Glass
03 September 2020Henry Moore: A Revolution in British Sculpture(s)
01 October 2020Augustus and Gwen John
05 November 2020The Art of the Steal: Nazi Looting during WW11
03 December 2020'Drink thy Wine with a Merry Heart' - A pictorial history of Drinking Glasses
04 February 2021Ford Madox Brown: the Pre Raphaelite Half Brother

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Miniatures in the Wallace Collection Stephen Duffy Thursday 07 May 2020

The Wallace Collection owns over 330 miniatures dating from the sixteenth to the nineteenth century. In a British context it is unique in the range and quality of its French miniatures, though it also contains some fine and important examples by artists of other schools, particularly the British, Swiss and Italian. This lecture explains the formation of the miniatures collection and looks in depth at some its greatest works, including examples by such artists as Samuel Cooper, Richard Cosway, Peter Adolph Hall and Jean-Baptiste Isabey. The many famous people depicted include Holbein, Louis XIV, the Duke of Wellington, Napoleon and Nelson’s famous mistress, Lady Hamilton