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06 February 2020Lapis Lazuli:Pursuit of a Celestial Stone
05 March 2020Grinling Gibbons - Carver to the Crown
02 April 2020Chagall - Wandering Jew or Citizen of the World
07 May 2020Miniatures in the Wallace Collection
04 June 2020Bandstands: the History, Decline & Revival
02 July 2020Brangwyn's Stained Glass
03 September 2020Henry Moore: A Revolution in British Sculpture(s)
01 October 2020Augustus and Gwen John
05 November 2020The Art of the Steal: Nazi Looting during WW11
03 December 2020'Drink thy Wine with a Merry Heart' - A pictorial history of Drinking Glasses
04 February 2021Ford Madox Brown: the Pre Raphaelite Half Brother

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Lapis Lazuli:Pursuit of a Celestial Stone Sarah Searight Thursday 06 February 2020

This follows the travels of this precious stone from Afghanistan through burials in the ancient world, in wall paintings in medieval Byzantine churches, ending with early Renaissance Madonnas robed in ultramarine, ground as pigment from lapis lazull.